AEROBICS  80's style 2022

American Awesome Art AAAF NYC is proud to present:

"Stay In Motion / Come workout with me" Campaign. 

Why: We are concern in the increasing of mental health problem. "Anxiety, depression and discomfort".

We would like to contribute to make it a bit better, exercise will balance and increase endorphins which are vital for our well-being to support our good mental health. It is a fact, good nutrition and moderated exercise will support natural hormones production and good mental health.

When: ongoing event starting (Every Sat) Aug. 2022, at 8:00 PM Est. length 20 min. 

Where: Online register for free We also encourage to "Support our campaign by Donating".

AAAFNYC is featuring artist and instructor Stella Lillig.

10 min. workout

Teaser from last Feb.19 22 early 7am.

next workout 1 Cause

Aug. is  a great time to get in shape- Here is our quick peek.  Stay tuned!


Coming soon.