Welcome to American Awesome Art
" A place where We Believe Art is One and We are One "
We also believe that supporting Artists to continue working in their creations and inspiring others Regardless any Obstacle is part of our vision.
At AAAF We honor great artists and artists in the past as We will continue to honor artists in the future generations. 

About AAAF

AAAF is an organisation founded by an artist with a Unique strong vision.


One artist with a conviction that We artists together can make big changes to the world with art, imagination and creative minds. We can make the impossible, Possible. And most importantly to continue sharing this vision all the younger generations of artists and young creative minds.


Because Art is very important to find the genius in YOU.


We invite you, Artists, to Join us on this wonderful journey to motivate our Younger artistic minds to guide them into the wonderful world of creation.


We must strive and make it happen. Let's make it our mission to share this wonderful Vision to our younger generations.


 "Art is One" and "We are One".


Artists you could now showcase your works.   

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Photo for HLOS 2018 by Stella Lillig at The High Line Loft  NYC.

Upcoming Art Events

-Coming soon! WORKSHOPS





We look for new venues to continue promoting artists in New York City and Cities around The States.      Ask out Team.




NYC Venue

Past Awesome shows .  -


The Monthly Show

Our monthly Shows coming soon...

Artist are encourage to participate, Our monthly shows, our reality shows. ask AAAF Team


Artists thoughts about Art

AAAF is a project made by artists for artists and some of you remember SYWNYC which started the idea of this awesome art project.