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At AAAF we honor great artists, both contemporary and historical, and we will continue to honor future generations of artists. An ongoing project, AAAF focuses on highlighting LGBTQ artists and other communities. Our mission is to discover, inspire, and showcase artists and their work in a wide range of styles and media. By doing so, we inspire artists and non-artists alike to embrace art and culture within their communities.

Our recent campaigns

Virtual Exhibitions  2021

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Aerobics 80's Style  2022

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About AAAF

AAAF started as SYWNYC in 2012

We have been supporting great artists since 2002 and will be continue supporting future generations of artists.

Artist Stella Lillig’s firm conviction is that artists together can make big changes to the world around us with art. With art, we can awaken our imaginations and creative minds. We can make the impossible POSSIBLE. And most importantly, we can continue sharing this vision with the younger generations of artists and creative

 "Art is very important to find the genius in YOU". SL

We invite you, patrons and artists, to join us on this journey to support up-and-coming artists, especially those in the LGBTQ community. By doing so, we are motivating young artistic minds and guiding them into the wonderful world of creation.


We must strive to make this happen. Let us make it our mission to share this vision to our younger generations.

"Art is One" and "We are One". SL

Photo by Stella Lillig 

AAAF NYC , Burlington VT 2020

Featuring at American Awesome Art showcase.

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 Photo Gallery  >>

Photo for HLOS 2018 by Stella Lillig at The High Line Loft  NYC.

Photo by Timothy  Digman at  JDA  event in NYC. 2013

JDA   art event in July NYC. 2011


Mona Gallery  artists and Curator Stella Lillig  NYC 2005

S.Y.W NYC artists and Founder Stella Lillig NYC 2015

Prince George Gallery - in this photo:  Foxxy Couture , models , Fashion Designer Geary Marcello, Curator Stella Lillig  NYC 2011 

Artists comments:

George DeStefano : "You were a big inspiration for me  as I'm sure you were and still are for lots of young artists Who would do well to learn by example  what dedication and focus and hard work can do for an artist".

Mona "Art Every Month" Amsterdam Ave 110th street -(monthly art exhibits) 2004 -2008 NYC

William Conroy Lindsay and Stella Lillig  NYC 2009

William Squig Design : "I have worked with Stella for over 10 years doing shows with and exhibiting with her.

She is great at organizing the exhibitions and advertising them. She is an amazing artist and someone I will always enjoy working with.

Her abstract work is always something I look forward to seeing now and in the future".

 AAAF and SYW NYC- (art exhibits) 2009-2019  Chelsea, NYC

John Kuchera : "Working with Stella is Wonderful, she is always so enthusiastic and full of great ideas in the art world. I like she cares for each artist and tries to get everyone on the same page".

 AAAF and SYW NYC - (art exhibits) 2011-2015  Chelsea, NYC

AAAF Virtual Exhibitions

Our "AAAF" Virtual Exhibitions- where established and emerging artists are welcome to showcase their work. (including painting, photography, video, and installations). AAAF also showcases works from artists selected every two months.

Participation is free and encouraged for artists of all media and caliber. We encourage you to send portfolio to